What is Love?

VERN AI released our new euphoric condition detector: Love and affection. Love and affection, which is conceptualized as an alignment of the individual’s personal goals with the object of affection. With this, affection towards objects, people, brands, ideas…can be detected.   “I am so excited to wear my new shirt it’s clean, bright, and fits […]

V.E.R.N. Version 0.9.2 Release Notes Feb 14 2022

We’re announcing our next release of VERN AI API, V.E.R.N. Version 0.9.2. This is an update to the JSON Response Object In preparation for future development, we have made an adjustment to the JSON response object that is returned as part of the analysis. We have implemented several changes to remove many of the false […]

Love me, Love me not…how VERN detects Love & Affection

Love…what a many splendored thing! We have been hard at work researching the phenomena of communications, and specifically working on euphoric emotional states Love and Affection. Most of our clients have requested detection of the dysphoric emotional states-namely anger and sadness; but the detection isn’t a complete picture. As we state in our other blogs, […]

CEO of VERN talks with Derek Little of Technology Trailblazers about Emotional AI

This week VERN CEO  Craig Tucker spoke with Editor-In-Chief Derek Little of Technology Blazers Club about the genesis of VERN and how it works to separate itself from the limitations of sentiment analysis in the market today. https://technologytrailblazers.club/emotion-recognition-how-chatbots-can-get-a-sense-of-humor/ The podcast started off with Mr. Tucker giving his background in communications and computer science and specifically […]

VERN Health accepted to XLerateHealth 2021 Accelerator

(East Lansing, MI) VERN Health, a subsidiary of The Virtual Emotion Resource Network, LLC has been selected to the 2021 XLerateHealth accelerator! The XLerateHealth (XLH) mission is to cultivate and grow impactful healthcare innovation in the Midwest, Southeast and other areas of the country where great innovation often goes unrecognized and underfunded. Founded in 2012, […]

Decision making with VERN

As humans, we include a lot of emotional content when we communicate with one another.  V.E.R.N. allows us to not only have a better understanding of the emotions being conveyed but also allows for us to develop tools to help us respond.  V.E.R.N. results include a confidence rating on a scale of 0 – 100% […]

V.E.R.N. emotional recognition AI enables system understanding of human emotions.

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