VERN AI partners with ExSynt Solutions to Revolutionize Contact Centers

East Lansing, MI – July 9, 2024 – VERN AI, an emotion recognition systems company based in East Lansing, MI is proud to announce a partnership with ExSynt Solutions, of Nashua, NH offering innovative solutions to revolutionize contact center operations.

VERN AI provides emotion recognition for award winning customer service and mental health applications. ExSynt Solutions will distribute VERN AI’s revolutionary technology to customer service and contact centers. ExSynt champions “best of breed” technologies designed to revolutionize how you connect with customers.

Imagine transforming the heartbeat of contact centers into something extraordinary,” says Steve Pappas, the pioneering Founder and CEO of ExSynt Solutions. “That’s precisely our journey at ExSynt. We’re spearheading a movement to revolutionize customer service by embedding groundbreaking technology into its core, transforming every interaction into a masterpiece of empathy and customization. Why? Because we’re convinced that the secret to catapulting customer satisfaction into the stratosphere and cementing lifelong loyalty lies in equipping our agents with the most innovative tools available.”

Our partnership provides customer service with the ability to know what your customer is feeling, in real time, with real emotions that everyone can understand,” says Craig Tucker, CEO of VERN AI. “This enables all communications-text and audio-in the call center to be acted upon as it happens, in conversations. In addition, call centers will be able to analyze, store, & track how their customers really feel about them, over time. ExSynt as a premier distributor will enable VERN AI’s technology to help more people.”