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Add Emotion to your bot Builder.

Retain customers. Build your dream bot to use VERN™ and unlock the potential of responding accurately to customer’s emotions when they contact you. 

VERN™ is built for conversational AI

VERN™ is built to power your chatbots, virtual assistants, RPA, mental health tools, social listening,  human resource applications, and more. It can analyze your marketing campaign, public sentiment for your product or candidate, or assist in content moderation.

See VERN in action:

See how VERN AI stacks up with real customer service interactions. Here you can see VERN AI analyzing real-life customer service calls.

Emotion prediction in Real Time

Move on from Mood: Get EMPATHY


Distinct Emotions

Anger, Fear, Love & Affection, and Sadness

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Made for conversational AI

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Accurate and actionable

VERN™ AI Emotion Recognition

Meet your new super powered AI.

VERN™ provides you with real time predictions of the user’s emotional state. Real time, actionable and ready to deploy and use in minutes.


VERN™ is easy to use with a ready to use API and ML Ops solutions that respond in real time.

Move beyond MOOD

Sentiment Analysis only gives you half of the story-predict emotions and EMPATHIZE

Quick Deployments

Want to try a ready made solution? VERN™ AI has Kore.ai bots and custom software available.

Exhaustive Documentation

All the technical issues and scientific background for the methodology is available here

Support 24/7

We are ready to assist you with any issue you faced! Our devoted Support Team is on guard!

Partner Profile

Boise State University-GIMM Lab

Why VERN™ AI was chosen for a VR/AR app for children with autism

"VERN™ is the state of the art for emotional technology. It's truly cutting edge and represents the future of artificial intelligent systems.“

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How VERN™ makes Amazing happen

VERN™ is in Real Time

VERN™ was made so that your applications can analyze emotions in real time. Textual and Voice-to-Text options available through our partner network.

Sub-second latency means

Emotion Prediction in Real-Time

See what our partners and clients have already discovered-VERN™ AI is a better solution than other options like Watson, Azure, Google or Algorithmia.

Faster Than Others
Results you can USE
Easy To Understand
Simple to integrate
evrmore.io is a proud partner of VERN™ AI

VERN™ is Emotion-not Sentiment

VERN™ provides analysis of emotions on a 0-100 scale of intensity, so you get results like “90%  Anger” instead of “positive,” “negative,” “neutral,” or “mixed.” Give your system the competitive edge by adding VERN™ AI.

VERN™ results compared to Google and Algorithmia analysis

Finally You can take actions on EMOTIONS.

Move beyond mood. Get Empathy.

Sentiment analysis is great at capturing a “mood” but not distinct emotions. There’s just so much more you can do with an Emotion Recognition software like VERN™ AI: Like detection and prediction of Anger, Sadness, Fear, and Love & Affection.

First-Class Emotion Recognition and Prediction

VERN™ AI: Get Empathy


VERN™ aI quick start guide

STEP #1: Register
Registering on the site is quick and easy, and enables you to get your API key right away. You get a dashboard to track your results, turn on and off the particular emotion you're after, and your credentials.
Step #2: Pick Use Case
Are you using VERN™ AI as a chatbot? Or perhaps setting it up to analyze and label large amounts of content at once? Or maybe setting it up as an automated social listening tool? VERN™ provides you with emotions, but the context to them are up to you. Your use case will dictate what predicted outcomes are most useful.
Step #3: Connect
In just under two minutes you can register for VERN™ AI and get your key. As soon as you are able to login to your dashboard, you can start running analyses. Maybe you want to enable voice with Symbl.ai™ or want to get a Kore.ai™ enabled chatbot or virtual assistant. Connect VERN™ with your favorite software today.
Step #4: Confirm Results
We will provide you with a sample sheet of analyses that have already been scored by VERN™ AI so you will know your analysis will be correct. Then it's time to EMPATHIZE!


VERN™ AI: Powering Empathy

Boise State GIMM whiteback
The Future of Emotional AI
"VERN™ is the state of the art for emotional technology. It's truly cutting edge and represents the future of artificial intelligent systems.“
Dr. Anthony Elertson — Professor
Boise State University, GIMM Lab
VERN Health Logo 2 Final White
Amazing Insights into Therapy
"It found things I didn't notice and I've been providing mental health services for decades"
Mike West — Counselor
Flint, MI
VERN™ beats other competitors
"We replaced Amazon's Comprehend with VERN™ and had better results"
Ivy Maschiao — Co-Founder, Evrmore.io
New York, USA