VERN AI partner Evrmore releases groundbreaking study strategic partner of VERN AI releases user & survey data

VERN AI’s partner Evmore released survey data of their more than 10,000 users. Over 8,000 reported back and we have some groundbreaking results to share!

Evrmore is a mental health application and audio diary, that has won multiple awards for its effectiveness and responsible use. They won the Webby award and Anthem award for best responsible use of technology.

And they use VERN AI to detect emotions.

What does it mean to add empathy?

Evrmore has over 10,000 downloads on the App Store. Over 8,000 users responded to the survey. Users also reported qualitative data that supports the self-reported data.

Users in 4 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom use Evrmore. They report that using Evrmore makes them feel better.

What are the results?

97{b1ba36726a3bfcdc42af6e5ec24af305dbc6425c95dfb7052d7f2b4aabbf1a02} of users report less anxiety

Almost all users that reported said that Evrmore with VERN AI inside makes them experience less anxiety. Less brain fog. And more motivation.

That’s a big deal.

Over half reported less negative self talk…and a better outlook on life.

That’s what empathy can do for you.

Adding VERN AI to your software design can enable you to understand your users , and do remarkable things.

Maybe even save some lives.