Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

Emotion recognition for chatbots, user UIs, and for use in robotics


VERN™ IS A WINNER! Our bot CARE-RN was a winner of the bot-a-thon. CARE-RN is a small single function bot that detects anger and fear and directs an appropriate response. If someone wants to speak to the manager, CARE-RN steps in to handle the disgruntled customer until help arrives!

Check out the entry here.

VERN™ Develops Triage and Escalation Concept

VERN™ conducted three pilots analyzing the communication both internal and external to the credit union. We developed the concept of triage as it applies to upset customers–by identifying the emotion present and escalating the problem to a ready solution. 

Mental Health Applications

Emotion recognition for chatbots, user UIs, and for use in robotics


VERN™  is a proud partner of and provides emotion recognition and analysis for their users. Evrmore is a tool for users to track their mental health and provides mindfulness towards their daily lives.

You can find out more information on Evrmore, and download the application for yourself in the mobile application stores here.

VERN™ Health Mental Health Toolkit

VERN™ AI provides VERN™ Health with analysis of emotions. Currently, VERN™ Health is used in clinical applications with therapists, counselors, job coaches and more.

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VERN™ AI provides MyBabbleChat with technical and development capabilities to analyze communications in their mission to help alleviate loneliness.

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