MyPlanKeeper’s “Grace” will feature VERN AI

Revolutionizing Retirement

MyPlanKeeper AI, creators of MyLifePort™ retirement portfolio management systems have created “Grace” an AI virtual assistant and added VERN AI to provide emotion recognition and conversational design.

MyPlanKeeper’s Grace is focused on equipping retirees and their advisors with the resources to master the retiree’s financial plan.

Grace™ is your always-available AI strategist and companion, integrates with top financial and health platforms to maximize retiree’s data potential.

By transforming raw data and transcripts into clear, actionable insights, we ensure that financial and health decisions reflect reality, not just perception.

Leveraging Top Technology Partners

Built on’s chatbot and virtual assistant platform, Grace™ is enabled with VERN AI’s emotion recognition. We leveraged our experience with LLMs as we built in guardrails, and integrated VERN™ to provide emotional intelligence. Now, Grace™ has empathy and can respond appropriately in real-time. 

Meet Grace

Meet Grace™, more than just an advanced program – she’s the embodiment of our mission to deliver expert guidance directly to your fingertips.

Whether it’s for quick advice, urgent questions, or deep dives into your financial and well-being plans, being able to initiate a dialogue on your terms ensures you’re always in control and moving forward with confidence.

Adding Emotional Intelligence

VERN’s detection of emotions in real time is accurate and actionable. Grace™ can understand when users are fearful of their decisions. Grace can understand when users are angry about their retirement plans, and what exactly is upsetting them. Grace can understand when users are sad about their plans, and can intervene to help.

"For years, I've seen people struggle with the emotional side of retirement. After all, it's not just about money—it's about identity, purpose, and navigating a huge life shift. With 10,000 Americans turning 65 daily, this challenge is only growing. That's why I'm thrilled about our work with VERN AI. Their Emotion Recognition System (ERS) is helping us make Grace, our retirement AI assistant, truly understand the person behind the retirement plan. While the industry has relied on questionnaires to assess life goals, we're using advanced emotion recognition technology to capture the nuances that traditional methods miss. This AI-powered approach allows us to understand the unspoken feelings and values behind a client's words - something impossible with conventional tools. It's not about replacing human advisors, but augmenting them with unprecedented emotional intelligence. It's personal for me, and I believe this partnership will help make it personal for everyone we serve."

Grace™ provides its users with an emotionally intelligent virtual assistant, that cares about your retirement plans. MyPlanKeeper found that with VERN™, true emotion recognition is a reality. Beating out other technologies, VERN proved best-in-class and powers the next generation of chatbots and virtual assistants. By using VERN, GenAI is under control.

"MyPlanKeeper's Grace is a revolution in retirement planning and management. By allowing users to take control of their retirement plans, and aligning it with personal goals, with the right amount of emotional intelligence, Grace represents a leap forward in virtual assistants. It's an honor to be the Emotion Recognition System (ERS) for Grace and we're excited to work with the team in creating break-through technology."