V.E.R.N. Anger Demonstration

https://youtu.be/4Z8DSvTziyg Our newest emotion that we're testing is anger. Here we have a demonstration of the early anger detector as it works through a few common scenarios: Passive aggressive, violent, bullying, customer service and more.

V.E.R.N. Chat Demonstration

https://youtu.be/6wNTp6Jq29s We decided the best way to explain how V.E.R.N. would work, we'd show how V.E.R.N. could be used in a real world scenario. Check out our classic customer service scenario between a live representative and a sarcastic customer. The analysis is only on the receiver (CSR) side, for obvious...

V.E.R.N. Humor demonstration

https://youtu.be/Ae6neRw1WZ0 We're pleased to announce that V.E.R.N. (TM) is having great success in determining humor versus what is not humor. In this video, we demonstrate the effectiveness of the software as we drop humor and non-humorous messages into the analysis.