How VERN AI can help you WIN customer service

Customer service is important to every business. Keeping customers happy, encouraging great experiences, and your business being receptive to them is paramount to your success.

Being able to empathize with them is key. 

VERN AI can analyze emotions in real time. VERN AI works great with chatbots and virtual assistants, providing emotionally intelligent customer service solutions.

Demonstration of Customer Service utilizing VERN AI

We’ve put together a few videos that illustrate what VERN AI can do with customer service calls. VERN AI identifies the emotion in each utterance, and provides a confidence score of 0-100 for the emotions: Fear, Anger, Sadness and Love/Joy.

These calls came from real customer service centers at large organizations such as yourselves.

This process illustrates:

Audio Source translated to text

Text broken into responses with timecode.

VERN AI analyzes the sentences for emotion, returning a value for each.

Data saved only to your local servers and visualized using Grafana dashboards.

Example of a happy customer

Happy customers! That’s what we’re all about right? Well with VERN AI you can see if someone is happy about their service.

Example of a Sad Customer

Uh-oh! Someone is sad and is communicating this to the representative. Can something be done to identify what he’s sad about? And do it in a timely manner?

With VERN AI you can.

Example of a Fearful Customer

A customer who shows you fear is someone who is unsure about you and your product, and needs to have your product’s value reinforced.

People will tell you what they’re feeling. Using VERN AI to identify these emotions allows you to identify exactly what is the problem.

Example of an Angry Customer

An angry customer is one that feels that something is unfair. Likely, you’re the cause of the injustice. Knowing what they’re angry about, and how angry, can allow you to address it quickly and stamp out any emotional fires before they spread.

Let's do Amazing together


Add Emotion to your bot Builder.

Retain customers. Build your dream bot to use VERN™ and unlock the potential of responding accurately to customer’s emotions when they contact you. 

VERN Blood Center-Convert more patient bookings with far less fear

VERN Blood Center is the bot that detects the emotions FEAR  of donating blood and is designed to be integrated into your healthcare focused bots. This bot is a lightweight module that will provide an appointment scheduler, and if they are afraid, then it uses focused care and attempts to get the person some individual mental health or medical help.

VERN Blood Center Bot: It’s a bot that will help convert sign-ups for blood donations.

VERN™ detects the emotions, and allows you to take action when your customer needs some compassionate help.