VERN™ AI: Taking the FEAR out of giving blood!

Who isn’t a little squeamish when we’re giving blood? It’s a pretty common experience and one of the reasons why people don’t donate blood. VERN™ AI detects FEAR and helps them through it with our assistant Ruth.


Detect their emotions. Take action.

This chatbot is designed to help convert sign ups for the Blood Center. ♥


There are a lot of us who really don’t like the experience, but want to help out by giving blood. What if we were able to get friendly encouragement from a knowledgeable source?


How to Use the Blood Center Bot


The blood center is set up to sign people up for appointments.

Use the chatbot icon below to start a chat.

Ask it to sign you up.


This VERN™ AI enabled bot can detect emotions:

In this case high levels of  FEAR.

If you tell the bot you are scared, terrified…

Ruth will make you feel better.

Here are some suggestions to try:

  • I’m scared to death of needles!

  • I’d love to give blood but I am scared of giving blood.

  • I can’t get over my fear of needles…

  • I really hate needles!


Add Emotion to your Bot

Retain customers. Build your dream bot to use VERN™ and unlock the potential of responding accurately to customer’s emotions when they contact you.