VERN 0.9.7 Released

VERN™ AI releases v0.9.7

We’ve released our newest version of VERN™ AI, version 0.9.7 which increases accuracy, integration, and better enables voice to text integrations for integration for chatbots and virtual assistants is now live and functioning. VERN was a winner of the 2022 Bot-a-thon with a chatbot enabled with emotion detection.

(To get your bot or virtual assistant enabled with VERN™, just fill out the form below to set up a call.)

Specifically, we have added some signals to our detectors and removed false-positive generating emotive phrases.

Also, we are taking humor offline and out of the return analysis for the time being.

We’re currently undergoing R&D on a new update to our humor detector, which we hope to include sarcasm. So for now we’re not including the analysis.

Look for humor and possibly sarcasm to be in our 1.0 version release. 

VERN™ AI works well with and Cobalt Speech, among others. We recommend these as they work well with VERN™.


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