V.E.R.N. can identify and track emotions in communications with patients. Assist those who have trouble identifying emotions. Reduce recidivism.


Track consumer sentiment about brands, stocks, and products to enable more prescient and predictable actions.


Identify risks from anger and depression signals in communications. V.E.R.N. can help to build an emotional profile on individuals or groups, track changes, and identifies incongruities.

Get V.E.R.N. on-premises for the most secure analysis

Sometimes connecting to V.E.R.N. online isn't the best solution for secure environments. So, we've teamed up with emerging leaders in AI Marketplaces to provide you with different solutions for adding the V.E.R.N. model to your ModelOps initiatives.



The marketplace that makes it easy to explore, test, procure, and integrate AI solutions.
Gensis AI

Gensis AI

GenesisAI is a Machine Learning protocol. On top of this protocol, we are building a marketplace for AI products and services - Amazon for AI. The marketplace connects companies in need of AI services, data, and models with companies interested to monetize their AI tech.


V.E.R.N. emotional recognition AI enables system understanding of human emotions.

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