Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Tracking emotional trends in an individual (or group’s) communication, for instance anger or sadness signals, or temporal changes in emotional communication. V.E.R.N. could be added to notification and warning systems for flagging for later analysis. For instance, if someone is irate and demonstrating a lot of angry communications, a health care provider and/or a law enforcement organization may be notified. Similarly, if there are an increase in sadness signals in communication, it may help flag individuals for therapy.

Problems in the perception of emotional material, in particular deficits in the recognition of negative stimuli, have been demonstrated in schizophrenia Specific impairments in emotion recognition may be apparent in people at clinical high-risk for schizophrenia before the full expression of psychotic illness.
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Real-time emotion analysis can help identify risks.

Do you want to know if someone presents anger or sad feelings about you? Would you like to get this information as it happens? V.E.R.N. removes a delay between data collection and execution. This enables V.E.R.N. to aid in assessing risk in communications.

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VERN emotional recognition AI enables system understanding of human emotions.

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