Therapeutic aid

Therapeutic aid

VERN detects emotions, and increases patient care. This can be used in medical evaluations, questionnaires, and surveys. Tele-health initiatives would benefit from being able to detect a patient’s emotional communication before, during, and after a visit. Health care and emotional support monitoring is possible with an emotional detection software like V.E.R.N. Watch our video below on how VERN could help improve patient care.

Where patients are evaluated over mobile platforms, the ability for a medical professional to discern what the patient is feeling is useful in the healing process. Healthcare without empathy is health without care
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Real-time communications analysis with emotional intelligence

Do you want to know how your patients are feeling? Would you like to get this information as it happens? VERN removes a delay between data collection and execution to empower tele-health applications, screening software, and therapeutics. VERN can help improve patient care.

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VERN emotional recognition AI enables system understanding of human emotions.

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