I ❤️ Bot

Heart attacks are hard enough. Recovery shouldn’t be.

Who isn’t a little confused when we’re talking about recovery? It’s a pretty common reaction and one of the reasons why people need to talk it through. VERN™ AI answers any questions, and helps users with just about anything else they want to know about…just about everything…all with our assistant–
I ❤️ Bot.

Detect their emotions. Take action. Add VERN. Get Empathy.

SINCE the most fatalities happen in the first week to month after a heart attack, we built a conversational, empathetic bot to follow up with heart attack survivors in their critical first week to month. 

Most people don’t know what they’re facing after a heart attack and emotions run wild. What if we were able to get empathetic, friendly answers about their recovery from a knowledgeable source?

I ❤️ Bot follows six categories of information necessary to recovery: Rest, medication, diet, smoking, symptoms and feelings about recovery. We trained it based on University of Michigan Health’s heart attack post-care plan.

“I ❤️ Bot” – an innovative medical chatbot developed by VERN AI. Designed to provide essential support to patients recovering from heart attacks, “I <3 Bot” represents a significant leap forward in patient care technology.

“I ❤️ Bot” is designed to provide essential support to patients recovering from heart attacks, changing the way we approach healthcare.

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How to use the bot


I ❤️ Bot is designed to watch for negative emotions…

…while tracking emotion over time.

Use the chatbot icon below to start a chat. It’ll ask you to login, and you are George Jetson with a birthday of 4/1/2022.

Or, you are Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble and your birthday is 4/1/59 (It’ll make sense soon)

…And allow I ❤️ Bot to follow up with you.

 AND Experience the power of empathetic conversations.


This VERN™ AI enabled bot can answer any question you have about a heart attack and recognize strong emotions, then take appropriate action.

We have enabled GENERATIVE AI (GenAI) from ChatGPT to broaden the patient experience and make it more well-rounded. If they want a healthy pizza recipe? It can help them if they first demonstrate a strong emotional reaction to their dietary restrictions.

…And it’ll do it while making it conversational, empathetic, and informative.


Here are some suggestions to try:

  • Hell no I don’t want to do that crap are you freaking kidding me?
  • I just feel so sad and lonely now and I am just afraid to die
  • My medicine is making me sleepy and I am afraid I am not going to wake up.
  • But you’re a bot


Add Emotion to your bot Builder.

Retain customers. Build your dream bot to use VERN™ and unlock the potential of responding accurately to customer’s emotions when they contact you. 

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