We work on some of the most complex and interesting challenges in emotional communication. Our world-class research and engineering teams have made scientific breakthroughs, published papers in peer reviewed journals, written books on content analysis, revolutionized information architecture, and built cutting edge software systems.

Our approach to communication content analysis takes a multi-disciplinary approach to affective computing and natural language understanding. We utilize the latest findings in computer science, neuroscience, communication, psychology and engineering.

Theoretically, we follow a transactional model of communication. V.E.R.N. identifies and quantifies encoded signals from senders based on our new model, which we built into this software.

Dr. Brendan Watson is our director of research, and he can be found here.


We strive to be as transparent as possible with the use of our software. As V.E.R.N. is used, and more frames of reference are understood, the accuracy will increase due to our patented refinement learning process. These results reflect internal testing, and as such are not a claim to individual results nor a guarantee of success. However we test the systems regularly, strive to improve, and provide results wherever possible.

Here are the results of our latest internal testing (As of April 23rd, 2021):







Our internal testing uses thousands of randomly selected sentences from a variety of sources including: Famous works of literature, news, social media, political commentary, advertising, popular culture, and customer service interactions.

We test against computerized and human coding protocols, including outside analysts to set agreement.

  • Theory and foundations
  • Unsupervised learning and generative models
  • Neuroscience
  • Machine learning
  • Computer Science
  • Communication

Articles in Support of Methodology

Don’t forget to read our blog for more information on the science, methodology, and application of VERN AI.

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Machine learning & AI

V.E.R.N. applies the latest in computer science research

Things change quickly, and our team stays on top of the latest trends, techniques, and theories to stay on the cutting edge. Leverage our insights into computer science for more accurate, nuanced, and faster emotional recognition.

Machine learning & AI in Language Processing

What is NLU? It’s artificial intelligence concerned with the communications between computers and human languages

How we communicate is at the root of V.E.R.N. We’ve uncovered a new model of communication that allows us to apply immediately to a use case–without having to train over and over on your data.

What we are thinking determines what we say

V.E.R.N. is our solution to re-create the phenomena of communication.

How can we teach computers how to understand emotions in communication, if we don’t understand communication? We made it our business to understand communication, to teach it to V.E.R.N. and enable better understanding of human emotions. Because we deserve to have technology that empathizes.