Unlocking the True Cost of Incomplete Customer Insights: The Sentiment Analysis Problem

"More than 70% of customer data is a black hole"

In recent illuminating interviews with top Fortune 500 executives, a sobering truth has come to light: their customer service data, once presumed invaluable, is riddled with unreliability. 

The culprit? 

Sentiment analysis, a once-promising solution that has proven to be, at best, insufficient. The heart of the issue lies in its inability to discern the subtleties of human emotion, leaving companies clueless about whether their customers are genuinely happy or profoundly dissatisfied.

This sentiment analysis ‘black hole’ has become a financial quagmire for enterprises, collectively costing them a staggering $1.5 million annually in technology investments alone.


But the story doesn’t end there; companies are forced to pour hundreds of thousands more into salaries for analysts tasked with deciphering the enigmatic ‘neutral’ or ‘mixed’ metrics that sentiment analysis generates.

That changes with VERN AI, a revolutionary Emotion Recognition System (ERS). With remarkable precision, VERN AI detects nuanced emotions, including Anger, Sadness, Fear, and Joy, in real-time. 

It boasts an accuracy rate exceeding 80%, enabling businesses to decode customer sentiments on the fly. The implications are profound. VERN AI obliterates the need for traditional post-interaction surveys, providing immediate insights into how customers feel as interactions unfold.

The benefits don’t end with data accuracy; VERN AI empowers enterprises to usher in an era of empathetic automation. With this technology at the helm, chatbots can respond to customers’ emotional states, offering unparalleled support and understanding.

with VERN AI

You can be the superhero at your job, because VERN AI enables empathy. You’ll know when your customers are happy or sad. Angry or just fearful. 

And it will cost less than what you spend now.

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