Know when your customers are happy or sad

VERN AI offers analysis of your legacy data for a limited time

Still apprehensive about getting started with VERN AI? We tell you what. If you send us some of your conversational data, we’ll prove our worth to you. 

And, for a limited time we’re offering this for free to qualified customers!

You Give

  • Data from your legacy conversations.
  • Conversations broken down by utterance, or sentence.
  • Timecode.
  • One week or less of your time

You Get

  • Sentence by sentence analysis of up to 100 conversations with VERN AI emotion recognition.
  • A visualization set up with a Grafana dashboard, like the ones you can see below.
  • A sneak-peek of what you can expect using VERN AI to analyze your conversations.
  • Your conversational data analyzed by the best emotion recognition tool around.

Take a look at what you can expect...

Dashboard of Customer Service Conversation

We developed VERN AI to detect emotions in real time, with a confidence level of 0-100. 51{b1ba36726a3bfcdc42af6e5ec24af305dbc6425c95dfb7052d7f2b4aabbf1a02} or more is a positive detection for that emotion, and the more signals get that confidence score up to and around 100{b1ba36726a3bfcdc42af6e5ec24af305dbc6425c95dfb7052d7f2b4aabbf1a02}.

Here, you can see a customer who is sad.

VERN AI detected, categorized and labeled this customer response as sad. You can track trends, find out why a customer is lost, or what employees have a knack for talking customers down.

You can track the effectiveness of your staff, users, or patients by using the supervisor dashboard. The standard dashboard metrics include which customer service representative had the most successful outcomes.

And we can customize your metrics and dashboard to fit your requirements once you see the power of VERN AI on your own data.

Dashboard of a Supervisor's View

  • Each dashboard comes with an intensity scale, of each emotion.
  • Each comes with a transcript that you provided, but in the future can be in real-time.
  • We will show you how to use emotions to turn angry customers into happy campers. We can show you the real reasons why someone wasn’t satisfied with a call.
  • We will work with you to identify additional metrics you’d like to see.
  • We’ll put together an implementation plan once you see the value of VERN AI in your customer service operation.

Custom metrics and dashboards

If you like what you see, we’ll work together to create custom metrics for you to use with VERN AI. And, we can create custom visualizations that will work for you.

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