Poling and Opinion

V.E.R.N. could add emotional recognition to responses to poling, surveys, and focus groups.

Content moderation

Monitor and remove malignant or unwanted content. V.E.R.N. could assist in analyzing communication for flagging and removal.


V.E.R.N. could assist translation from different languages and different cultures.


Pre-screen applicants. Analyze risk.

Stock/financial markets

V.E.R.N. could help track consumer emotional sentiment about a brand, product, company, and company leadership.

Security and Fraud Protection

Reveal patterns of use of emotions in communication.

Human Resources

Identify potential conflicts among team members.

Therapeutic aid

Assistance in medical evaluations, questionnaires, and surveys. Tele-health initiatives would benefit.

Gaming and Simulation

Enable non-player characters to interact with users/players emotional states.

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

Tracking emotional trends as they respond to new products, concepts, and ideas.

VERN emotional recognition AI enables system understanding of human emotions.

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