No one likes a bot or CSR who doesn't understand them. Enable your chatbots and customer service representatives to detect, and act on the emotions communicated.


Game designers can now act on the emotions that users communicate, allowing for infinite play and more realistic non-player characters.

Human Resources

Track emotions in communications, identify problems before they happen, and help HR professionals understand their employees.

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Get started with V.E.R.N. right now! It's easy. Just sign up for the service on our user-friendly customer dashboard, pick which emotions you want V.E.R.N. to identify for you...and call our API! We'll return each sentence with a confidence level between 0-100 of each emotion you choose.

Then, you can see the cumulative results in the dashboard! Now you have the ability to see how your users are emoting, and track changes to their feelings about your organization.

It's perfect for Chatbots, customer service representatives, human resource directors, and anyone who wants to immediately get analysis on how people are feeling.

Turn haters into fans. Increase the favorability of your chatbots. Enable your CSRs to understand if someone's joking or not.

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V.E.R.N. emotional recognition AI enables system understanding of human emotions.