Track the emotional level of users in simulations and test different types of stimuli for an objective baseline of the emotional states expressed while in simulation. V.E.R.N. enables non-player characters to interact with users/players emotional states, changing their responses depending on the emotions present in the human response.

During game play emotions can impede players' positive experiences. Adapting game features based on emotions can helps, but necessitates a way to detect the current emotional state. Emotion transmits important information that allows us to interpret an individual's intention and behavior. The goal of automatic emotion recognition is to distill emotion from behavioral data.
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Real-time communications analysis with emotional intelligence

Do you want to know what your players feel about you? Would you like to get this information as it happens? V.E.R.N. removes a delay between data collection and execution. React to emotions in game play and engineer revolutionary interactivity.

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VERN emotional recognition AI enables system understanding of human emotions.

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