Content moderation

Content moderation

This tool could assist news organizations, social media companies, message boards, and other content producers monitor and remove malignant or unwanted content. In light of a potential change to Rule 230, online content producers may find they are legally responsible for the content others post to their platforms. V.E.R.N. could assist in analyzing communication for flagging and removal, which could save a tremendous amount of labor time and cost.

The amount of User Generated Content that platform users upload continues to accelerate. The liability potential now far outweighs regulatory protections
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Remove unwanted content by flagging toxic content submissions and protect your community

Do you want to know how your users are feeling? Would you like to get this information as it happens? V.E.R.N. removes a delay between data collection and execution, to aid in content, comment, and review moderation which is increasingly important to content producers and publishers.

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