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Created to enable system understanding of human emotions

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    V.E.R.N.'s method of detecting latent emotional clues is patented and proprietary
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Our journey so far

Research and development

Mind the gaps and find blue oceans

Sentiment analysis has a problem. It can somewhat detect sentiment that is "positive," "negative," "neutral," or "mixed." But it tells you NOTHING about the actual feelings of the sender of the message. And, not only is this inaccurate, but it leaves out important communication phenomena like humor, deceit, incongruities and more.

Since no one was using humor, we deconstructed it and found that the way we humans use humor illuminated hidden factors in communication itself. We'd discovered a brand-new theoretical conceptualization of what communication actually IS.

We began testing this new model, and were blown away by its simplicity and accuracy. From that, we created the very first V.E.R.N. app in November of 2019--an iOS application that detects humor.

From there, it was onto engineering the model out and finding our first clients!

From R&D to Commercial Product

A concept is only as good as its implementations.

Once we had a product, we met with stakeholders in Fintech, security, military/intelligence, education and more to gain insights into what they want and what problems V.E.R.N. may solve. We partnered with Michigan State University Federal Credit Union to analyze their data and provide input to a variety of use cases--from Customer Service Representatives, to chatbots and more.

We started working with Boise State University's Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile Technology Lab to develop a range of applications, including Virtual Reality (VR) apps, online games, and therapeutics for those who have trouble recognizing emotions.

V.E.R.N. partnered with AI marketplaces such as Gravity-AI and Genesis AI to enable on-premises implementations of the software.

As we near the end of this phase, we are preparing for launch of our product. What's next? Click on the next tab to find out!

Revolutionizing sentiment and emotional analysis

Launch, learn and iterate

V.E.R.N. gets better the more its used. Our patented ML techniques for refinement of accuracy make V.E.R.N. more valuable the longer you use it.

We are creating new emotion detectors all the time, in an effort to accurately identify more emotions that are important to our customers. We added Love & Affection, and Fear to our detectors.

The team at V.E.R.N. is constantly researching and testing the methods and models to ensure it's most accurate analysis. We're finding new connections between emotions that were previously just psychological theory, and we're leveraging the latest findings in neuroscience to create new tools for you to use.

Soon, V.E.R.N. will be on its patented silicon chip to be installed directly into telecommunications and robotic systems. This will enable future robots, toys and communicators with even faster and more accurate analysis.

Meet our management

Meet our management


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VERN emotional recognition AI enables system understanding of human emotions.

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