VERN Health accepted to XLerateHealth 2021 Accelerator

(East Lansing, MI) VERN Health, a subsidiary of The Virtual Emotion Resource Network, LLC has been selected to the 2021 XLerateHealth accelerator! The XLerateHealth (XLH) mission is to cultivate and grow impactful healthcare innovation in the Midwest, Southeast and other areas of the country where great innovation often goes unrecognized and underfunded. Founded in 2012, […]

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Decision making with VERN

As humans, we include a lot of emotional content when we communicate with one another.  V.E.R.N. allows us to not only have a better understanding of the emotions being conveyed but also allows for us to develop tools to help us respond.  V.E.R.N. results include a confidence rating on a scale of 0 – 100% […]

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What to expect from your emotion recognition software Part 2

In part one of our series, we compared sentiment analysis to emotion recognition in order to show the differences between the two approaches. We’re back to do another comparison and talk a little about the methodologies and how they differ. First, a quick refresher: Sentiment analysis categorizes and analyzes text to determine if the writer’s […]


Using emotion recognition models to find emotion Pt 2

Last week we discussed the VERN emotion recognition model. We talked about how the world doesn’t have a clear idea of how many emotions there are, what they are, and how the heck they can even be detected. We provided some clarity on our model and how it relates to finding emotion in communication. Today […]

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Using emotion recognition models to find emotion

Last week we compared sentiment analysis to emotion recognition software, using VERN. We saw that sentiment analysis rated content as “positive,” “negative,” “neutral,” and “mixed.” Some software rated content with a magnitude, indicating the strength of the “positive,” “negative,” “neutral,” or “mixed.” In some cases, it is accurate. In others, it was not. Emotion recognition looks […]


What to expect from your emotion recognition software

Emotion recognition software like VERN looks for emotional clues in text. What people say, or write down and send to one another, through emails or chats or text messages often contain emotions. Not just strictly sentiment, but the emotions that we are familiar with and would recognize someone expressing them. Those that are familiar with […]


Howdy from the Tech Team!

While the marketing folks and communications scientists are off doing their respective thing, we thought you might enjoy a brief behind-the-scenes peek at the sorts of things that we’re doing to make VERN awesome to use. Specifically, we’re going to talk about VERN integration, brag a bit about speed, and we’ll talk a bit about […]

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VERN emotional recognition AI enables system understanding of human emotions.

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