V.E.R.N. Dashboard

V.E.R.N.’s new dashboard is coming soon, but you can check out a preview here! In our latest video, we have walked through the dashboard system to show you how you can use V.E.R.N.’s API to detect emotions in your clients’ messages.

On the home page of the dashboard, you can:

  • See the trend line for your last day, week, month or longer
  • Discover what the percentage of clients’ moods have been over the past month
  • Realize how many different messages were coded for which emotion
  • Break down your last 1,000 queries

There are more features on the dashboard as well. You can turn on and off emotions with the click of a mouse or a tap of a screen in the API Section. Setting the system to code for “Anger,” “Humor,” or “Sadness” will return only those emotions you are interested in analyzing.

The Integration Portal is where you can find documentation on how the API works, and how to integrate the results you get from V.E.R.N. directly into your stack. If needed, you can contact us for an Engagement Specialist who will help you integrate the software for an additional cost.

Your account information is easy to access, and to edit as necessary.

To try V.E.R.N. out for yourself, run individual sentences and paragraphs, and/or to score test sentences–try the manual test links on the left hand side menu. Here you can try V.E.R.N.’s emotion detectors manually and get a good idea of what type of messaging you’re dealing with. Plus, it’s fun!

At V.E.R.N. we’re always trying to make it better for our customers. If you have any feedback, or comment please email us and let us know.

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